Terms and Conditions

The contract is created when we receive an order from you.
These terms and conditions apply to all orders and contracts, and any variation will not be binding on us unless set out in writing and approved by an authorised signatory of the company.

New Accounts & Payment Terms.

Northern Badge Company will supply a detailed, compatible visual free of charge upon an order being placed. Should any alterations be required, our studio will re-submit another visual for your approval. (NB the maximum alterations are three and if no order is placed an artwork charge of £30 will apply)

For any new business we will not commence production until the pro forma invoice is paid, once we establish a working relationship payment terms will then be extended to 30 days, we will inform you when you have been put onto 30 days payment terms.

We reserve the right to adjust the prices quoted on orders to take account of additional costs to us including but not limited to additional costs caused by changes in the law and/or Government regulations requiring us to increase prices by way of direct taxation, import duties, customs and excise duties, currency fluctuations or otherwise.

Time for payment to us is of the essence for the purposes of the contract. Northern Badge Company shall be entitled to suspend any and all deliveries and outstanding installments of deliveries until payment for all earlier orders has been received by us in full. The purchaser shall not be entitled to with hold payment of any amount payable under the contract (or any other contract between the parties) because of a disputed claim of the purchaser in respect of faulty goods or any other breach of contract, nor shall the Purchaser be entitled to set-off against any amount payable under the contract (or any other contract between the parties) to the company any monies which are or are purported to be payable by the company. .


We will arrange delivery of the goods to the address(es) specified on the order.  Northern Badge company will use reasonable endeavours to agree a mutually convenient delivery date. However any time or date given for delivery of the goods whether specified in the order or otherwise given by the company shall be taken as an estimate made by the company in good faith but shall not be binding upon the company as a term of the contract or otherwise. Goods are sent via the most secure and cost effective service using Royal Mail or one of our couriers. Once your goods have been received by us they will be dispatched the same or next working day. However if payment is required prior to dispatch we will not send your goods until payment has been received. The company’s delay in delivery of the goods shall not by itself entitle the buyer to terminate or rescind the contract. Northern Badge Company can in certain circumstances arrange special express deliveries of goods, subject to additional charges to you.  However, the company cannot guarantee that such express deliveries will be delivered on the agreed date and the company does not accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the delay or error in the delivery of such goods. Where goods are delivered by installments under the contract each installment shall be deemed to be sold under a separate contract and any failure on the part of the
company for the delivery of a particular installment or any defects in workmanship or materials affecting any particular installment shall not entitle the purchaser to repudiate the contract with regard to any installments remaining deliverable or to refuse or withhold payment for any goods delivered.


Complaints in connection with the goods or their delivery must be made in writing to us, and reach us within 5 days of the delivery date. You should examine all goods delivered at the time of delivery. We shall not be liable for any loss arising from damage caused to the goods in transit unless the loss or damage is noted on the delivery note at the time of delivery and subsequently reported to us in writing. Complaints in respect of delay or non-delivery must be made in writing and reach us within 4 days from the agreed delivery date.


Liability for any loss or damage suffered by you (or others) in respect of the goods or any representation or statement shall be limited to the contract value of the goods. We can accept no responsibility for loss or damage arising from the supply of goods under the contract unless you have fully complied with the complaints procedure set out above. We shall not be responsible for any financial loss, damage,
arising from a delay, failure to deliver the goods, or damage to or defects in the goods unless specifically agreed by a director of the company in writing we shall not be responsible for any loss of profits or consequential loss or damage arising from a delay or failure to deliver the goods or damage to or defects in the goods. Nothing in these terms and conditions restricts our liability for death or
personal injury as a result of our negligence. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect the statutory rights of a consumer.


Northern Badge Company cannot accept cancellation of orders verbal or written once in production. A charge will be made by the company for all cancelled orders based on the charge for all work carried out up to the date of cancellation and the cost of materials no longer usable elsewhere (eg.die tools, plates, patterns, moulds etc)


Upon request we may send you a sample product for approval prior to you placing an order. We do request full payment of the die tool prior to the samples being dispatched. If however the customer bypasses the sample stage and proceeds straight to main production we will take no responsibility for any variation in colour from the approved visual.


Any shortages must be notified to Northern Badge Company in writing within 5 working days. Although we quality check your goods, we do not count all items.


Interest will be payable on overdue accounts, at the rate of 5% above the Barclays Bank plc base rate from time to time from the date the account became due until payment is received. This does not prevent us from pursuing payment of overdue accounts at any time after payment becomes due and shall be in addition to and without prejudice to any other rights we may have against you.
If an account is overdue for more than 14 days we are entitled to withhold future deliveries.
In addition to our statutory rights we are entitled to claim from you all legal or collection charges on overdue accounts.


Any increase in the quantity of goods will be treated as a separate Order.


We will not be responsible for failure and/or delay in the carrying out of our obligations under the contract arising out of any cause outside our reasonable control or by inability to procure materials or articles except at higher prices due to any cause and in such circumstances we shall be entitled by written notice to the Purchaser to terminate the Contract in whole or in part without incurring
any liability whatsoever to you.


The Lowest Price Guarantee applies only to products which are “like for like”. This means that the product shape, colour, material, imprint and quantity ordered are the same.